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New Services Announcements

Oct 18, 2023

Welcome to the new and improved!

I am now offering the following services:

Astrology & Psychic Services ~

Natal Chart Readings - whether you wish to learn more about yourself, a friend or your beloved partner, I provide an in-depth astrological chart analysis based on a persons' specific date and place of birth. Find out their hidden wants/desires, talents and things that will ultimately make them happy.

Love Reading - does he/she feel the same way about you? Are they thinking about you? Are they "cheating"? Will the relationship last? Will you find true love this year and if so, with "who"? Whatever your questions are - this in-depth tarot reading about your relationship will answer your questions!

Bone Reading - authentic divination method using "bones" and other curios from ancient indigenous tribes! Emailed to you within 24 hours. Get a "general" reading or ask specific questions today.

Runes Psychic Reading - using the ancient Norse runes to divine accurately your questions and future - emailed within 24 hours of purchase.

Angel Oracle Guidance - I absolutely love my various angel oracle decks and will provide an in-depth reading for you providing your guardian angel's guidance by email, within 24 hours of purchase.

Energy Healing Sessions ~

Distance REIKI Sessions - 3 REIKI distance sessions, 90 minutes each pack (save over 300!). Available energy healing for both people and their "furry & feather" pets! (Read about the benefits of REIKI energy healing sessions - here.)

Manifesting Workshop / Coaching ~

Learn To Manifest - Are you "stuck" unable to acheive or obtain something truly important to you? If so, learn the real "Secrets" to the Laws of Attraction and unleash your own superpowers to achieve ANYTHING you desire in life! 1-on-1, private coaching to manifest. 90 days, payment plan available.

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