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Benefits of REIKI

What is Reiki? Who is it for? What are the benefits of Reiki sessions?

Are you searching for a natural, easy-to-use, safe, and efficient healing method?

The global energy used in reiki is spiritually led and penetrates both the cosmos and all life. Because the divine consciousness, the all-knowing, directs this life force, reiki is referred to as universal energy in Japanese.

As a result, Reiki can be transmitted to someone who is not present physically. We refer to this as distant healing (or "distance Reiki").

It may be applied to both plants and animals.

The recipient of Reiki lies or sits fully clothed during a Reiki session, and the Reiki practitioner rests his hands gently on or a few inches over the recipient's head and torso.

Reiki helps people understand the root causes of illness and pain as well as the need of accepting responsibility for their own lives.

In order to assist the body go back to its naturally perfect state, Reiki heals on all levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

It fosters spiritual growth and awareness and gives everyone a way to explore the depth of their souls and realise their own enormous potential.

Reiki does not adhere to any one religion.

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